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Its easy and effective App packed with educational tools.

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Contentbrix a powerful APP for the teachers to teach effectively in synchronous and asynchronous way. It is easy and cost-effective solution.


User can access the main features of contentbrix with single click. The features mainly consists of recording, chat communication, and white boarding

For recording you can record the voice and screen while teaching or in advance to create videos and for easy sharing. There is no limit of creating videos.


This feature allows to write, annotate on the screen, it helps to solve the equation and mathematical problems. The whiteboard allows to draw geometric shapes like circle, triangle etc. and teach more effectively. Features like searching youtube video and images from internet and bring it right on whiteboard for annotation and explanation.

Whiteboard has a feature where you can upload the Presentation, PDF and word document right on white board, annotate for explanation and save as new notes with annotation and explanation.

Whiteboard plus will aid in a more powerful presentation with its unique features like conversion of handwritten numbers or equations or cursive notes to printed numbers, equations and text. It also has a built-in scientific calculator.

Content search from internet and save as video and PDF organize to teach effectively.


Unique powerful feature allows to create a group or one to one and one to many communication with chat voice and videos help to organize asynchronous teaching. Add, remove and manage students in this powerful software is quick and easy and can be linked to the Student Information System. Teachers can create a group for personalize teaching or sharing with the entire class.

Broadcast and casting

Live broadcast to entire class with unlimited users made much more easier with Contentbrix. Cast computer screen and connect contentbrix software from any touch screen tablet (iPad, Microsoft, Android or desktop) to your existing infrastructure (like a projector, smartboard or TV) wirelessly (no internet is required) for explaining the lesson.

App integration is added feature to integrate with any third party application.

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