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Changing education in onsite and online classes simultaneously

Contentbrix lets teachers use their existing Windows, Android, and Apple laptops or tablets to deliver both online, and Brick & Mortar classes with one integrated, powerful, seamless App!


Use the Whiteboard feature to write on your tablet and watch it appear on the big screen as you:

  • Ask a history question or a math problem.
  • Open You Tube to show a video.
  • Search Google for a picture.
  • Upload a Power Point presentation

Whiteboard Plus

Whiteboard Plus has a scientific calculator for creating formulas, equations and math problems.


A collabarative and interactive way of teaching students. Board gives teacher a way to explore freehand teaching.

No New Equipment Required!

Contentbrix works with all your existing laptops & tablets – Windows, Apple and Android.

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Contentbrix Cast

Secured Unique, Realtime Communication

No need to send invitations like you do with Zoom or Google Meetings. Teachers can Broadcast lessons live or have a one-to-one video chat with a single click.

Wireless Broadcast in the Classroom

Imagine, standing in the back of the room helping a student while you write a math problem or a history question on your tablet and it “magically” appears on the whiteboard at the front and no internet needed…it’s wireless!

In build Zoom Integration

Chat and communicate with video and audio, share documents and have a quiz on the fly in chat while everything is recorded automatically, with a single click, to be used again when you need it whether it’s next year or next week!

In the Classroom or Online A single App – A single Click!

Contentbrix allows you to teach one student at a time or to a group in both the classroom or online at the same time! Create a group, assign students, schedule a broadcast, send the invitation and your good to go. It’s that easy.

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Create & Access Content with a Single Click



Unlimited recordings that you can store on your own device or Goggle drive.


Notes & Lessons

Capture Notes, Lessons, Audio and Video recordings as you use them in real time and then again in the classroom or online.


The World at Your Fingertips – Just a Click a Way!

Search You Tube for videos…Google Images for pics…Wikis for questions and answers. Download Videos, text and images into Power Point slides on the go – no mess…no fuss.

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